On this page the presentations that were held at the annual EUSCREEN study meeting in Poznan on March 8, 2019, will be made available as pdf files.

Data collection on general, vision and hearing screening programmes (Jan Kik, Mandy Nordmann, Andrea Bussé; Erasmus MC)

Summary of existing hearing screening programmes (Allison Mackey; Karolinska Institutet)

Summary of existing vision screening programmes in Europe (Jill Carlton; University of Sheffield)

Implementation of neonatal hearing screening (Birkena Qirjazi; University of Tirana)

Implementation of vision screening in Cluj-Napoca (Alin Vladescu; DASM Cluj-Napoca)

Development of the vision and hearing screening micro-simulation models (Eveline Heijnsdijk; Erasmus MC)

Vision screening in European countries. What is there still to achieve (Helen Griffiths; University of Sheffield)

Benchmarking the quality of neonatal hearing screening programmes – what have we learned (Inger Uhlen; Karolinska Institutet)

Screening and treating amblyopia. Are we making a difference (Yair Morad)

Priorities in child health. Extending the EUSCREEN model to Low and Middle Income Countries (Mirjam Valk Bonilla; Erasmus MC)

Scaling up UNHS in Albania (Enver Roshi; University of Tirana)

Difficulties with screening in rural areas in Cluj County (Mihai Mara; UMF-Cluj)

Cost-effectiveness model. Examples of countries with too much or too little screening (Mirjam Valk Bonilla; Erasmus MC)