A preliminary version of the EUSCREEN cost-effectiveness model is now online and can be accessed here. This model is designed to calculate the most cost-effective and affordable way to screen children in different countries and regions, given the local circumstances.

This preliminary version of the model is to be used for testing. In the current phase of the model’s development, the focus is on testing if the user interface works properly and its user-friendliness. All feedback and comments are welcomed and will be used to improve the model.

At this point, the model is able to perform the actual calculations for both hearing and vision screening and users are also able to save proposed screening programmes and return to these at a later time to do new calculations, thus making it easy to compare different programmes. Many more functions are scheduled to be incorporated in the future, for example: default values for test sensitivity, specification of overhead costs, utility and quality of life, vision screening before visual acuity measurement, childhood hearing screening beyond the neonatal period, photoscreening and treatment.

All questions, feedback and comments may be addressed to this e-mail address. The EUSCREEN team would appreciate it if you could evaluate the cost-effectiveness model, as the contributions of the testers are invaluable in further developing and refining the model. Questions, feedback and comments as well as the replies to these and changes made to the model can be found in the weekly changelog.