EUSCREEN Paediatric Screening Questionnaire

EUSCREEN Paediatric Screening Questionnaire

Dear Colleagues,

The questionnaire has 9 domains: Demography and Epidemiology; Administration and General background; Existing screening systems; Coverage/Attendance; Tests; Follow-up and Diagnosis; Treatment availability; Cost and Benefit and Adverse effects.
Each domain is separated in General Screening, Vision Screening and Hearing Screening questions. Please answer the questions of your expertise and if possible also the General Screening questions. When you are logged in you can ''Save draft'' at the end of each domain, which will transport the answers to the database.

ALWAYS ''SAVE DRAFT'' when you temporarily stop filling out the questionnaire, OTHERWISE YOUR ANSWERS WILL NOT BE SAVED! You can finish the questionnaire later and correct the answers you have given earlier. Only SUBMIT the form (on the last page) when you are completely ready.

If you have any questions please send an email to
Thank you very much for your cooperation!

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If national data differ from regional data and you are well informed about the differences, you will need to fill out two forms, or two Country Representatives have to fill out two forms. For instance, in the United Kingdom four Country Representatives may be needed to fill out four forms for Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. If you fill out the questionnaire for a region, it is tacitly assumed that all answers apply to the selected region. Otherwise it should be explicitly mentioned. For instance, mortality rate is usually reported per country. Please specify which region at "Other".


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