Lodging and travel expenses for the annual meeting in Poznan


The EUSCREEN study will provide lodging for all Country Representatives (maximum three per country) for Thursday and Friday nights. Hotels will be booked and paid for. Anyone willing to extend their stay in Poznań beyond these nights will have to pay for additional nights themselves (at around €50 per night). The costs of Friday night’s dinner and of course the meeting itself will likewise be covered.


Please note that more instructions will be sent later, shortly before the meeting. Economy-class flights booked before December 1st, 2018 will be fully reimbursed (maximum three per country). Please contact us before booking in case tickets are over €200, if more than three Country Representatives (CRs) from your country plan to attend or if you plan to come from outside Europe. An average maximum of €400 per CR is guaranteed. This amount should, however, be distributed in proportion to travelling distance.

The costs of the flight tickets will be reimbursed AFTER your attendance to the congress. In case of disease of calamity, when unable to attend the congress, it is possible that part of the amount will still be reimbursed after supplying proof of incapacity, but we cannot guarantee that at this stage.

For the payment of the flight costs the ‘expense claim form’ must be completed and sent to us together with the relevant documents. A template including detailed instructions for filling out the form will be distributed later.

The costs of the flight tickets can only be reimbursed if copies of the following documents are included:

  • Boarding passes (in case of a layover/stopover, all (more than two) boarding passes must be provided)
  • Bank statement (name of the Country Representative; bank account number; corresponding date, description and amount of payment must be readable; please feel free to black out other
    private information)
  • E-ticket
  • Confirmation of registration (an email confirming your registration for the congress has been or will be sent to you from euscreen2020@gmail.com)

Please kindly note that absence of one of the above listed documents can make the reimbursements ineligible for the European Commission and lead to complete rejection of the reimbursement. Please do not delete or throw away any of the documents. We also advise you to take clear pictures of your boarding passes directly after receiving them, since these can get lost.

The following documents you normally receive by email after the purchase of a flight ticket should preferably be included as well:

  • Invoice
  • Confirmation of reservation
  • Confirmation of payment

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