This year the EUSCREEN study’s annual meeting will be held in Poznan, Poland, on Friday, March 8, 2019. All Country Representatives for hearing, vision and general screening have been invited to attend the meeting.

The meeting will be held at the city’s Medical University’s Congress Centre (37A Przybyszewskiego St). In the morning, there will be a plenary session with a number of presentations on the study’s progress, including on data collection and on cost-effectiveness analysis. Erasmus MC will present a prototype of the software for calculation of the best and most affordable screening programme, there will be a presentation on the country reports by the Sheffield University and the Karolinska Institute and on the implementation pilots in Albania and Romania.
In the afternoon the meeting will be split into two simultaneous sessions: one on hearing and one on vision screening. Plenary feedback will conclude the meeting. The complete programme can be found here.

Talks will be delivered by the EUSCREEN consortium partners, but if any Country Representatives would also like to talk about for example their experiences in implementing screening, they are welcome to do so. Any Country Representatives interested are invited to submit an abstract of their proposed talk by email.

After the meeting, there will be a dinner for the Country Representatives at the Bazar Poznanski. Between the courses of dinner, there will be violin and piano sonatas played by students of the high school for music in Poznań and a talk by a representative of the Henryk Wieniawski Society about the life and work of this famous composer.

If you are a Country Representative, please let us know whether you are planning to attend the meeting here, preferably as soon as possible. The EUSCREEN study will provide lodging for all Country Representatives and travel expenses will also be (partly) reimbursed. More information on lodging and travel expenses can be found here.

Others interested in screening, including any kind of health care policy makers, are also welcome to attend the meeting – there is no fee for participation – but their lodging and travel expenses will not be reimbursed by the study.

We look forward to meeting you in Poznan on March 8th, 2019 and share an inspiring, informative and altogether valuable meeting with all who contributed to the study.